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Syrah Red Wine

(Sah-ra or Shi-raz) Shiraz or syrah are two names for the same variety. Europe vintners only use the name syrah.
Food pairings: meat (steak, beef, wild game, stews, etc.)

Districts: syrah excels in California, in Australia, and in France’s Rhone Valley.

Typical taste in varietal wine: aromas and flavors of wild black fruit (such as blackcurrant), with overtones of black pepper spice and roasting meat. The abundance of fruit sensations is often complemented by warm alcohol and gripping tannins.

Toffee notes if present come not from the fruit but from the wine having rested in oak barrels.

The shiraz variety gives hearty, spicy reds. While shiraz is used to produce many average wines it can produce some of the world’s finest, deepest, and darkest reds with intense flavors and excellent longevity. You’ll discover Syrahs of value and elegance by reading my reviews of French wines.


Chat sites are a lot like old U.S. mining towns. Some of those towns flourished and became metropolises, while others simply withered to become ghost towns.

Chathopper falls into the later category. It has become a relic of its former self. What was once a bustling community of chatters has now become a deserted platform. Occasionally, you can get a glimpse of some lone chatter who stumbled onto the site. But you would probably have to put in a lot of blank screen time to find them.
Although the cause of chatting migrations isn’t really understood, the effect is obvious. If you listen closely enough while on Chathopper you can hear the electronic static that has replace the voices of a vibrant community.
Chathopper labels its roulette chat, Stranger 2.0 Chat, as an anomymous web chat service. And although the claim of anonymity may be some what dubious, it’s still an enjoyable site.

Chathopper gets a positive score for their dashboard layout. The start button and text field are conviently located. Additionally, the owners have limited their advertisements to just one section of ads at the top of the screen. And the lack of a report button also make this a commendable site.

But the greatest feature of any chatroulette sites is its users. Chathopper rarely has any users. According to the sites Facebook Like widget, only 6,227 people have liked Chathopper. Some of those users are clearly duplicate accounts. Also, like other competing chat sites, they have inflated their current user statistics to an unbelievable 10,000 current active useres.

Sadly, in a desperate attempt to draw in more users, the site has included a games feature page. This is a big failure.

Still, there are worse sites to visit. With some luck you might find enough people on the site to make it interesting.


Although roulette chat has a great following, many people are not aware that their web chat sessions can be viewed by the public. Chatroulette Hall of Fame, or simply Chatroulettehof, is a website that collects and shares photos taken during video chatting.

Users of Chatroulettehof are encouraged to share photos and videos of unsuspecting users taken during cam chats. In fact, elite membership requires a certain number of posts to join.

Unfortunately, sites like Chatroulettehof and Chatroulettemap have misunderstood the spirit of roulette chat. Instead, they have turned video chatting into something negative. But this is obviously just my opinion, because the thousands of participating users don’t have any issues with collecting and sharing this type of personal information

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